OkCupid Enhanced

Get the Chrome Plugin Here, or contribute on Github

The Basics:

This extension improves OkCupid in a number of ways, and these keep growing with each release.

The plugin includes the following categories:

If any developers have interest in helping port this plugin to Firefox, drop me an email.


Installation is SO EASY! Just install the plugin in the Chrome Web Store (it's free), then go to OkCupid. The plugin will enhance OkCupid automatically. If you haven't answered many questions publically, the plugin won't have much data to work with. The more questions you answer, the better the plugin can rank other users.

Your Privacy:

I take your privacy VERY seriously. This plugin does not track you. I don't even have Google Analytics in the plugin because I care about user privacy. The ONLY tracking in the plugin is from the Chrome Web Store, which only tracks how many users viewed and installed the plugin AFAIK.

And you can feel confident that it will stay that way. If the plugin ever asks you for more permissions, check back here to find out why. It will never be to track you.

A Note:

I'm building this plugin exclusively in my free time. Because of this, features tend to come in spurts. When I have a lot of free time, I release features, but when I'm impacted with work, the plugin may not see many improvements. I'm a freelance developer, so work comes in waves.

This started as a personal project. OkCupid has SO MUCH DATA for each of us (we all answered a bunch of questions), but we don't get to see it! It does allow OkCupid to give us good matches, but we don't know why they're good matches. Perhaps a user matches you perfectly, except for one attribute, making them a no-go. You could manually look at the questions you have in common with the user, but who does that?